Admission to each program will be determined by space availability on a first come first served basis. New England Biolabs employees have first priority. If you are interested in our program, please contact our director June Blanchette by phone at 978-380-7543 or use our contact form to arrange a visit to our center. To enroll, you will be asked to fill out an information packet. We ask that you return these forms, completed, before the child’s first day. We also require half of the first month’s tuition as well as a $100.00 registration fee in order to reserve your space.


Tuition is due the first of every month. When necessary, tuition increases typically occur October 1st.

Full time Care
40-47.5 hrs per week (8:30-5:30)
Infants   $1442.28 per month
Toddlers   $1197.86 per month
Preschool   $1006.97 per month


Extended hours Care*
Infants   $1531.16 per month
Toddlers   $1272.60 per month
Preschool   $1070.60 per month
*Children must be pre-scheduled to ensure teacher availability

Part time Rates
Children attending less than 40 hrs. per week will be charged by a weekly rate based on the number of hours per week that they are scheduled to attend the center.

Enrollment between 30-39 hrs:
Infants   $9.12 per hour
Toddlers   $7.59 per hour
Preschool   $6.32 per hour


Enrollment between 20-29 hrs:
Infants   $9.94 per hour
Toddlers   $8.31 per hour
Preschool   $6.93 per hour

Enrollment between 8-19 hrs:
Infants   $10.86 per hour
Toddlers   $8.98 per hour
Preschool   $7.52  per hour


Drop-in Rate (unscheduled hrs)
All ages   $12.84 per hour

Sibling Discount: 10% off the 2nd child’s monthly tuition

Our Policy
  • We require a 30 -day written notice for any schedule changes. You will be expected to pay the agreed upon tuition until the end of those 30 days when the new agreement goes into effect.
  • Because parents reserve a space for their child, payment is due regardless of days missed.
  • Part time children may make up days within the same week, however you must call ahead to assure that space is available.

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